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Ben Factor is a lighting, designer, director and programmer.


He is currently on tour with the rock band Umphrey’s McGee.


He has also done direction, designing and programming work for Theo Katzman, Madison Cunningham, Lawrence, Charlie Burg, Spafford and many others.

He was recently selected as a "NextGen of the Year" designer by PLSN Magazine and the Parnelli Awards.

Ben explores the ever-changing relationship between technology and music through his work. While operating the show, Ben leans on his background as a musician to help ensure the lighting is as tasteful and dynamic as the music on stage. He is based in NYC. 

He is currently listening to: Ty Segall, Dida Pelled, Louis Cole

A sincere thank you to Tara Gracer, Abby Fox, Phil Clarkin, Scott Harris, Alive Coverage and Dave Levene for the photos featured here. Y'all are amazing.

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